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Miracle Solution® - an evolved
form of MMS (Miracle Mineral
Supplement) and is endorsed
by MMS pioneer Jim Humble.
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Your BEST PROTECTION against all
Influenza including the H1N1 Swine Flu

Half a million people die annually worldwide from influenza. The Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirm 36,000 deaths in America per year.

Miracle Solution® vs. MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)


Because of his special connection to Spiritis Church and his support of its Worldwide Healing Mission, MMS originator Jim Humble approves of the use of this formula which is easier to use and carry.

"I would loke to see Spiritis Church sell as much as
possible to fulfill their purpose of carrying MMS to
the world. They are the only ones who are targeting
all of their profits for this purpose." - Jim Humble

Miracle Solution® is Chlorine Dioxide - just like MMS but made through a special proprietary process that renders it actually 3 times more potent than all previous MMS formulas (same results using 2/3 less; no complicated mixing).

The complete proprietary 1:1-formula-Miracle Solution® program - including 5 fluid ounces of Miracle Solution A and 5 fluid ounces of Solution B is only $48 (USD), and will last more than a year (the equivalent of $12 savings).

PLUS... In buying
Miracle Solution®

you can also take satisfaction
in knowing that 100% of the
proceeds go to making its
miraculous benefits available to
those in the world who most need
it, but are least able to aquire it!


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